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Upgrade Your Property With Stunning Hardscapes

Partner with us for hardscaping services

A few long-lasting hardscapes can transform your property from basic to beautiful. Whether you want to create a comfortable area to enjoy the outdoors with your family or make your property more accessible with new hardscapes, Design & Build can help. We offer comprehensive hardscaping services. We specialize in hardscape installation, but our skilled team can install a wide variety of features.

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Imagine the possibilities for your outdoor living space

We love making our clients' dreams come true by providing top-notch hardscaping services. Our pros can install...


we use a state-of-the-art gravel and granite chip base to prevent shifting and make sure water can't get trapped within the base


we can boost your property's privacy and curb appeal with a durable fence


we offer a variety of top-of-the-line base options to install concrete slabs that can last a lifetime

Retaining walls

we can add structure to your property with a sturdy retaining wall

Outdoor kitchens

we can install the perfect place for outdoor barbecues and family reunions

Outdoor structures

we can install all kinds of structures to enhance your outdoor living space

Pools (fiberglass and concrete)

we can put in a new pool to give you a spot to cool off during the summer

Gardening and plant installations

we offer solutions for preventing dead plants, including using a root stimulator with well-prepped soil

Weed barriers

we can install woven geotextile fabric barriers that can stop weeds from growing in your flower beds

Ready to get started on your project? Get in touch with us today to schedule hardscaping or concrete services.

Hardscaping Services

Retaining Walls
Outdoor Kitchens
Outdoor Structures
Pools (Fiberglass and Concrete)
And Much more